Welcome to DevoHat.com

Yes that’s right there is now a site dedicated to the Devo hat also known as the Devo Energy Dome.

The Devo energy dome has become part of pop culture seen worn by the band on tour, in videos, and is a part of the band’s well known costume of a radiation / biohazard type jumpsuit and the ever popular Devo hat which, while appearing in other colors, has most commonly been red in color.

We have seen it featured in Magazines and recently it appeared in a rerun of the Family Guy worn as a prop by Peter in the Season 4 Episode #54 “Don’t Make Me Over”.

If you like the Devo hat then you’ll definitely get a kick out of that Family Guy Episode.

Anyway this website will be dedicated to pop culture as it relates to the Devo hat and costime in general so hang out and look around.

Welcome to DevoHat.com!